For this Tiger Challenge, we are designing innovative ways to help refugees in NJ/NY build fulfilling careers. Resettled refugees face a host of barriers to fulfilling employment here in the U.S., including those related to language, transportation, accreditation, and mental health.

Team Members

Hyunnew Choi
Hyunnew Choi 2019
Social Impact Designer
Liz DiGennaro
Liz DiGennaro 2019
Social Impact Designer
Woodrow Wilson School
Zoya Shoaib
Zoya Shoaib 2020
Social Impact Designer
Anam Vadgama
Anam Vadgama 2018
Social Impact Designer
Victoria Gasparowicz
Victoria Gasparowicz 2019
Social Impact Designer
Shelley Zhao
Shelley Zhao 2018
Social Impact Designer
Computer Science
Community Challenge
Began Tiger Challenge: Summer 2017

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