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Apply to Tiger Challenge

Applications are open for four projects beginning October 28, 2018. Teams in this upcoming cohort will tackle challenges in climate change resiliency, predatory debt collection, localizing food systems, and equitable access to healthcare. Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Graduate Students, across all majors and departments, are encouraged to apply. 

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Propose a Topic for Tiger Challenge

If you could work with a team of colleagues, partner organizations, and advisers to tackle any societal challenge, what would it be? We're looking for topics to be proposed by students, organizations, or community members. To start the process of launching a Tiger Challenge project, click to fill out a short form. 

What makes a good Tiger Challenge topic? 

  • Open-ended: There should be infinite possible directions for the project; we’re looking for divergent, unanswered challenges. 

  • Human-centered: The challenge should hinge on the behaviors and experiences of people. 

  • Important: The challenge should inspire other Princeton students; teams are comprised of 4-6 students from different majors.

  • Accessible: Who are the stakeholders involved, and is it feasible for us to interact with them in the NYC-NJ-Philly corridor?


More ways to get involved


Applications for projects beginning in June, 2019, will open in January. Please consider proposing a topic for that cohort, or contacting us


We're always looking for the next projects and partners for the Tiger Challenge. Propose a topic. Or contact us first. 


Our teams receive a lot of support throughout their projects. If you see any topics, in the community or on campus, that you'd be interested in supporting, please contact us!